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About NCP

Doing business with NCP

As we place highest quality as the most vital elements in our operation, our suppliers also play a very important part in our achievement. NCP intend to conduct our business professionally with all our suppliers and business partners from raw materials, packaging materials and general supplies as to service providers like advertising or media agencies. We share some important value that we believe essential to achieve long-lasting business relationship together.

Supply Quality Standard: All supplies and deliveries must match our requirements and specifications to ensure best quality products being delivered to our customers. In some cases we might request certifications or necessary legal documents to accommodate orders.

Transparency: NCP conducts business with full transparency and full legal compliances. We are seriously 100% against corruption of any kinds. Therefore, we encourage and welcome suppliers or business partners with the same integrity for the best interest of end-consumers and society as a whole.

We welcome and open for new suppliers, as long as common values above are shared. Please contact our teams for more details.