10 Sachets

FITNE' Choco Instant Cocoa Mix with fiber

Choco Instant

Instant Cocoa Drink combines rich benefits of High Fiber 5,000 mg./sachet with White Kidney Bean Extract…Plus L-Glutathione to offer skin-whitening & beauty effect. Grate taste & Low in Fat for everyday enjoyment.

  • Drink it hot: Empty FITNE’ Choco into a cup, Add 120 ml. of hot water Stir well and enjoy.
    Drink it cold: Empty FITNE’ Choco into a cup, Add 60 ml. of hot water, stir well, add ice cube and enjoy.

  • Super-High Fiber 5,000 mg.
  • Contains White Kidney Bean Extract.
  • Contains L-Glutathione.
  • Low Fat
  • 60 Kcal energy per cup

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